10 comments on “I’m a Tub, but I’m Not Alone

  1. Seriously good luck with your journey, it will be totally worth it. I used to be a tub and I think I’m going down that road again but healthy eating is a lifestyle, it’s a long term way of life compared to dieting which is just a temporary fix. Like you said, little things make a big difference, walk a little bit more everyday, substitute something you normally eat everyday for a piece of fruit, eat one spoon less than you normally do. I hope you get to where you want to be. Best wishes!

  2. Kind of sounded like my sister when you started off.
    And by the its not only Christians who are fat and out of shape. Best wishes in your endeavor to lose weight.

  3. First of all I am proud of you and anyone else that joins in to want to help each other in this fight and that is exactly what it is a fight. As an overweight person myself I can sympathize with the daily struggles that we each face emotionally and physically. I am a skinny person trapped in the body that I wear now due to bad habits and serious health issues which include steroids and chemo type infusions once a month. I will never get better health wise so the meds will always be an issue if I want to continue walking and moving but I do want to try to change other areas in my lifestyle that may help in the long run. So if you can help encourage any of us with any positive imput I applaude you dear friend. Walk on and stay the course.

  4. Matty-
    All snark, sarcasm, & humor aside… this too has been my greatest battle. I can relate on every level. I’ve always been the girl with the “pretty face” (translation: you’re not bad looking for a fat chic). Thank you for your candor, transparency, & truth-telling. I look forward to “hearing” about all of your success, victories, trip ups, failings & triumphs…
    On the Journey with you-

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