3 comments on “Tough Love – Part 1: Deceivingly Complex

  1. As I read I saw myself in many of the examples you brought up and I feel very small right now. I also feel very confused expecially when it comes to the subject of the death penalty I am still on both sides of the fence about this. We as US citizens are sent subpoena’s for grand jury trials in which we may be asked to decide the fate of a person who have committed horrendous crimes against society it’s the law. So in all honesty how can we as christians do what the law asks us to do even when we feel conflicting emotions about who should be the judge of this persons right to live or die even when we may feel total revulsion at the crime (intentional murder would be my hot spot) that was committed? Just wondering, I am totally open to being enlightened on this subject if anyone has an answer.

    • I too am somewhat mixed about the death penalty but here is where I go; as the criminal sits in jail the gospel is presented from others, in that time he is able to accept Christ as Savior and be saved, my decision is taken out of my hands as he now assured of being with Christ.

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