6 comments on “Tough Love – Part 3: Sighs and Sneers

  1. Great article! I’m really enjoying this series.

    I struggle with something though. After we love the sinner to pieces and show absolute no hatred towards them, where does the Gospel come in? Of course we don’t condemn them, but when and how do we lovingly introduce Jesus to them without them accusing us of judging or hating them.

    • Well, I’ll be touching on this in greater detail as the series wraps up, but I’ll tell you what I think.

      The most effective way of sharing Christ with someone is sharing your own testimony. Sharing with someone what brought you to the faith and why you stay there. Share the verses that back up your story. And do not accuse them of living wrong. Shame is not a good motivator to the faith. Hope, on the other hand, is.

      You see, our salvation is the greatest thing in the world to us. It’s a gift we hold dear and are thankful for. And what better way to show someone we love them than to want them to experience that same freedom and joy.

      God calls you to spread the Gospel, but not to beat people over the head with it. The Word is a sword for use against Satan and temptation, but we, too often, use it against the lost and defenseless.

      Now, some people will be offended no matter how lovingly you share the Gospel with them. That’s just how they’ve been conditioned. You shouldn’t take it personally. But even if the response is negative, if you’ve done so in love, you have planted a seed that has potential to grow.

      Basically, the main thing I’m saying in this post is that I can’t imagine a homosexual walking in a Gay Pride parade immediately repenting and giving his life to Christ upon reading a protest sign that says “Homosexuals are an Abomination!”

      We are always called to witness, but too often we condemn instead, while expecting the same result.

      Hope that helped.

  2. “The fact is, no, that isn’t what the Bible says. The Bible says not to associate yourself with the sexually immoral. But it doesn’t say to ignore them. It means don’t do anything to encourage the sin, but you are still called to love this person.”

    I would love to know where you get your definitions from, because “not to associate with” is the same as “disassociate” which is the same as “ignore”. You twist the gospel to what you want, not what God wants. It is disappointing to see people that call themselves Christians continue to make excuses for sinners.

    • I’m sorry, but you are flat out wrong. “Associate” is the same root as “Socialize.” In fact, the definition for “Associate” is “to join as a partner, friend, or companion.”

      It is clear that the meaning of the word means to “hang out with,” “socialize,” and, in common sense terms, “do the same things as.”

      “Do not associate yourself with” does not mean to SHUN someone, to IGNORE them, to be UNLOVING towards them. It means not to encourage bad behavior or have a close relationship with this person until they get their lives right. BIG difference.

      I find your rude assessment at the end of your comment to be puzzling. How did I make excuses for sinners? Did I even once say that homosexuality was not a sin? I certainly did not.

      The person making excuses, I dare say, is you. You are making an excuse to be unloving to the lost. That is what is disappointing.

    • What did Jesus do? He ate with the tax collectors, one of the groups most despised in that time period. Why? Because they stole, they cheated, they did what they wanted and got away with it. What’d Jesus do? He met with them, and ate and had fellowship…why? Because he wanted to reach them. It’s not a twisting of Scripture or the Gospel. You rebuke the sin, and love the sinner into a relationship with Jesus.

  3. Taking it one step further. Jesus stood in the way of a woman, who was supposed to be stoned for sexual immorality. She was an adulterer. The law stated she was to die. He stepped in front of her accusers and forced them to look introspectively, and they knew they were sinful. They left. Leaving only Jesus, the most Holy, and a woman, low and dirty, and he said, “Go and sin no more.”

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