2 comments on “Tough Love – Part 5: Why I’m the Only Person Going to Heaven

  1. Great post. You actually had me laughing out loud a few times. As both a Christian and a person of reason, I find the debate over scripture to be rather childish. Case in point:
    (1) Different Christian denominations come to different interpretations about the same story.
    (2) Except for Paul’s letters, nobody knows who wrote the Bible and in some cases what they actually meant. This was even true in Biblical times where the stories,especially in the Old Testament, where passed on orally for hundreds of years before they were written down.
    (3) Theologians have argued back and forth that certain parts of the Bible are allegorical in nature.
    (4) The teachings of Jesus were usually in the form of a parable which the Bible clearly says that the disciples didn’t understand.
    (5) People that we don’t know decided what writings would be included in the Bible and which ones wouldn’t. Yet nobody quotes from the heresies because it’s against church doctrine.
    (6) According to some historians, some stories in the Bible appear to be borrowed from older writings.

    Yet, despite all of this, some Christians still insist on interpreting the Bible literally. it’s the Word of God apparently because the Bible says so (or more likely because someone else convinced them to think that way). As you so aptly put it, God is not hung up on these rules as much as we are.

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