5 comments on “Misnomer: We Become Angels?

  1. Yeah. It’s weird how the whole idea came about. How did it become such a widespread idea that humans die and become angels? No where in the Bible does it ever say anything like that, and yet, even a large percentage of Christians believe it.

    Angels are completely separate beings from humans and they are much more than humans with wings. They got eyes all over ’em, 6 wings, some of them have four faces, three of which are animal faces. I mean, if I saw one of those dudes, I’d wet myself.

    Good article. I’m loving this series.

  2. I agree Matt. It’s a scary theology, and even scarier at how widespread the idea it.

    I do like how when they interact with humans, their first words are “Do not be afraid.”
    EVEN IF, my relatives and loved ones did become angels, I’d be scared to even see them.

    Thanks for the kind words.

  3. This is a good one Jarin. Randy Alcorn has a great book (though long) about heaven (titled: “Heaven”) and some of the myths we have in our culture about it. I got lucky because my dad read it and we just had a couple of great discussions on it, but I’ve always intended to go back and read the book for myself…

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