2 comments on “Sick Day

  1. I, too, have been sick with a stomach bug this week (100% better now though!). Unlike your story, I have rarely ever been stomach sick since elementary school… I always chalked it up to paying my dues with allergies and sinus problems. But prior to this week, all the kids in my children’s ministry had it so it’s not really a surprise I got it too. I was super grateful for my friend/substitute mom/children’s minister because she totally looked after me like I was one of her own. Kind of makes you really aware of who your true “community” is, huh?

  2. A short time ago my aunt passed away she had lived in a nursing home here in Clovis for a couple of years. She was blind, in a wheel chair every day, and her mind was let’s just say slow since a child. She owned nothing except what could fit in her tiny side of a nursing home room which my mom and I tried to fill with whatever she may desire. She had a tiny fridge, and many miscellaneous items for her daily care and entertainment. One item she had an obsession for was kleenex tissues which I always complained about ( she had about 15 boxes in closet when she passed) I would tell her “she had plenty” she would say “just pick me up a box just in case”! The day she was passing it was my job to hurry and clean out her room before Hospice brought her back to home until she did pass. I didn’t want my mom to have to go back and do this afterwards (she is still healing from a broken hip) and there was just so much crowded in her room. I packed it all up even the kleenex and thought to myself we will never use up the many boxes she has accumulated in these two years. I brought them home, put them away, and later with my mother we seperated her simple little treasures she had left behind to mark her existance. Well the last few days I have thanked my aunt over and over for being so smart and leaving us her most prized possesions which included ALL of her kleenex tissues. I myself don’t buy tissues so as I became sick with this cold and junk going around I am a blessed woman because of my aunts desire for her kleenex they are being used up very quickly!

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