One comment on “Change…

  1. Lets leave the dad comments first, I love you and am so proud of your accomplishments. You are becoming the man I hoped you would be and working also for god’s glory. (Just make your parents happy & shave. Just had to get that dig in. 🙂

    Next, comments on change. I told you years ago there are three types of people:

    1. Those that resist change & will always have difficulty in social & other situations in life.
    2. Those that resist & can adapt.
    3. Those that readily adapt and can thrive in any environment.

    The choice is yours in earthly matters. God’s love is the constant in that matter & Jesus is the way, truth, & the light in how we live our lives & the way the adapt to the changes we face.

    We look for god’s guidance, but look to what I call, for of lack of a better term, judgment to make the right decisions. Some of that, I think god lets us learn the hard way.

    When Dennis Morris & I were fishing the Fishers of Men tournament trail, we would pray not to win, but keep everyone safe in the tournament and help us make the right decisions.

    Likewise, I would pray for you & those following this blog to pray not for specifics, but pray for god’s guidance to make the correct & right decisions. Further, the wisdom to deal with & understand the consequences of the freedom that god allows us to have in this earthly life.

    The maturity to hear his voice, make the right choices & adapt to change is largely the key to a happy & successful earthly life; then ultimately a heavenly life.

    Hope this was a timely & meaningful comment for you & followers of the blog.

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