5 comments on “Does Suicide Send You to Hell?

  1. This is something that we really want to kind of keep floating in the air… as it is hard to pinpoint certain things about ‘how things work’ .. we can have faith of something.. and hope for something, but I can see exactly where you are coming from with your points.

    I can see how it cannot be a definite ‘yes’ you are going to Hell. What I find interesting as well.. is that if Samson committed suicide… then it is really only a hope, skip, and a jump to say that Jesus did as well. VERY interesting perspectives.

    I was always under the impression that it was the only unforgivable sin, because one could not repent of it. Though I did learn not too long ago that the bible does clearly state a sin that is unforgivable.. and IT has to do with the Holy Spirit.. not murder.

    I think it is GROSSLY important to have it understood that this really should not be an option though, because.. who really KNOWS. If your state of mind is that messed up… really.. I have though heavily about diseases that eat away at the mind.. and how that could affect salvation.. very sticky stuff.

    Bold and encouraging, Matthew!

  2. Matthias, I am very encouraged by this and can definitely relate as well. thank you for posting. I may do a piece on this as well soon. I think it would be cool if we could get the gang over at r/Christianblogs to all write about a theme (maybe depression/suicide) at the same time in the future. what do you think?

  3. Having struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts from the time I was 7 until God so graciously delivered me at the age of 30, I have to commend you for this post. Almost 10 years after being rescued from the darkness, I am just now beginning to feel God’s release to talk about what happened. And like your story, and most others, mine isn’t pretty. I have been working on a piece for my own blog regarding depression/suicide but have not felt God say “go” yet on the post. I really need to delve more into the Word regarding suicide because I am still waivering on the suicide-hell issue.

    • Thank you for sharing as well! It’s taken me many years to sort this out the way it makes sense to me, given the Scriptural basis (and lack-there-of, at times) for the given situation.

      If/when God says “go” on your post, I hope you’ll come back and share the link with us here!

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